Workshops and Speaking

David speaks and presents workshops for medical professionals who treat stroke, caregivers who provide short and long term recovery support and patients recovering from stroke. Some of his topics include:

  • The Patient Experience
  • A Stroke of Luck

David can deliver partial to full day workshops and trainings as well as keynote presentations and after dinner speeches based on his remarkable recovery and the 7 Step Model of Recovery he developed as a result of his experience.

The Stroke of Luck Workshop Agenda (Sample)

In this workshop you will be able to get an insight into my recovery model and learn:

  • How David dealt with this shocking event
  • Why gratitude played a key role at the beginning of his recovery process
  • How belief formed the bedrock for his recovery
  • How his vision kept him going from day to day
  • Why keeping a diary and journal was so important to him.
  • How he managed his “ups and downs” and use the “language of recovery”
  • How he developed a community with his carers, nurses and medical staff
  • How he managed the most challenging elements of learning to walk again
  • How his work to date has inspired other patients and carers and health professionals in their work
  • Which elements of his recovery model could help your patients in their recovery

*DAVID’S NOTE: This is an example of a workshop successfully presented under the auspices of the NHS. I can easily customise this presentation for your audience, objectives and time requirements.

Workshop Flyer Example

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