Stroke of Luck at Oxford

I was invited by Dr Louise Locock from The Oxford Health Experiences Institute and Professor Alison Kitson from The School of Nursing at The University of Adelaide to talk about my patient experience while making a remarkable recovery from a stroke. I was the after dinner guest speaker at an International Seminar held to explore “The Patients Perspective on The Fundamentals of Care“.

Those who attended included nursing and social science researchers from The UK, Sweden, USA, Canada, Singapore and Australia, as well as practising nurse leaders and educators.

What You’ll Learn About My Experience Recovering from Stroke

In the videos that follow you will hear in my talk how I highlight how fortunate I was to be treated by some outstanding health professionals and what specifically they said and did to make my patient experience so special. How I emphasise that so much could be learnt by these exemplars and how they could provide great models for others to learn from. I also make suggestions about those health professionals who in general are not so competent in dealing with patients, what could be done to support them. My talk which was only meant to be about 20 minutes provoked a lot of questions and debate and left the audience buzzing with energy and thoughts which they took with them into the second day of the seminar.


What’s Your Feedback on this or Your Own Experience?

I would be very interested to hear your feedback from this talk? How did it effect you as a health professional? Did it give you any specific insights? If you are a health professional leading a team or number of teams how could such a presentation around “Patient Centred Care” issues help them? If you would like to discuss this further, please send me an email at or you can call me on 01923-663275.