How W Mitchell helped me so much!!

It must have been Easter of 2007 when I noticed there was a National Speakers Association Meeting in San Diego. I had a client there at the time and the programme looked really interesting. I deliberated for some time as to whether I would go and then I remember sitting with a fellow Communication Specialist in Covent Garden and said to him “something inside me says I must go”so he said “go”!

The Programme really was outstanding but the real highlight was see W Mitchell talk about his experiences of getting through two horrendous accidents and drawing upon them, how he was able to help so many people. Little did i know that a year later i was going to have a stroke which paralysed the whole right side of my body and left me unable to walk. His story and the messages he imparted in that talk help me so much and you can see below the letter I wrote to him in hospital. When I came out of hospital I mentioned this to Lesley Everett withwhom I had been doing some teleseminar work before my stroke, about her work on Personal Branding. Lesley very kindly introduced me to Mitchel land I was able to have a conference call with him and thank him personally!

A inspirational documentary is now going to be made about how he overcame these horrible accidents and how he work has impacted so many peoples around the world. For more details go to

As well as this blog post I wanted to thank him in this brief video.

Dear Mitchell

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with a key challenge in my life.
On 29th August 2008 at 1pm I had a stroke which took out the right side of my body.  I could no longer walk or do basic things for myself like wash or dress. Fortunately I am left handed so I am still able to write and use my left hand to eat. The break out session which I attended of yours at NSA in Sandiego in 2007 has given me a lot of courage.

Firstly your mantra about “that it is not what happens to you but how you deal with it”, provided a bedrock upon which to deal with it. Secondly I then began to focus solely on what I had and could do rather than what I could n’t. A number of times when the going has been really tough, I have thought about your lesson about “making the transfer”.  Consequently over time it has been much easier to do. My Carers now comment on how much I have increased my confidence and skill in transferring from the the chair to the toilet/bed. In pararallel I am slowly learning to walk again, very small steps with the aide of  two highly skilled Physios.

I have trained in the communication discipline of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I have been applying the positive  mental strategies and language structures to reinforce your key priniciples.

Thank you again and if my story or progress can in anyway help others,
please let me know.

Look forward to seeing you in Phoenix in 2009

My very best wishes

David Festenstein